A VW tour in Kenderan village is a unique and fun way to explore the beautiful area. During the tour, you will ride in a vintage Volkswagen car, also known as a "VW Kombi," which is a classic vehicle that has become synonymous with the island's tourism industry.

The VW tour in Kenderan typically includes visits to several of the village's most popular attractions, including ancient temples, waterfall, agro, and scenic rice paddies. Along the way, your guide will share interesting information about the history and culture of the area, providing insights and context that will enhance your experience.

One of the most popular VW tours in Tegallalang is the "VW Safari," which takes visitors on a thrilling ride through the lush countryside surrounding the town. During the tour, you will drive past stunning landscapes, get a coffee break at the Agro, stopping at scenic viewpoints, and cultural sites along the way.

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