Trekking is a very popular activity in the tourist village of Kenderan, because this village has various trekking routes that offer beautiful and enchanting natural views. Tourists can explore the mountains, rice fields and forests around Kenderan village, while enjoying the fresh air and serene environment.

The trekking route in the Kenderan tourist village can be adjusted according to the skill level and physical fitness of the participants. Participants can choose to do light trekking to enjoy the beautiful scenery, or do more challenging trekking to test their physical and mental abilities.

When trekking in the tourist village of Kenderan, participants will be guided by experienced local guides. This guide will provide information about the flora and fauna around the village of Kenderan, as well as help the participants to maintain their safety and comfort during the trip.

During the trekking, the participants can also learn about the culture and life of the local people. They can interact with the locals, visit remote villages, or see how farmers work in the fields.

By trekking in the tourist village of Kenderan, tourists can enjoy an immersive and authentic experience in exploring the Javanese countryside. This trekking can also help raise awareness about the importance of protecting nature and the environment, and help support the local economy by promoting tourism in the Kenderan tourism village.

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