Located on a mound flanked by two rivers on the right and left with Kroya trees (Ficus Bengalis) that grow right behind the north side of the main shrine of the temple. Pura In Is An Important Worship And The Forerunner To The History Of The Manuaba Brahmin Breed In Bali, Which Is Emponed (Managed) By 7 Traditional Banjars In The Manuaba Traditional Village. It is estimated that it was built in the 17th century during the reign of Dalem Dimade in the Gelgel Kingdom, by the grandson of Ida Danghyang Nirartha named Ida Pedanda Sakti Nyoman Buruan, whose title is Ida Pedanda Ketut Ler.

According to Folklore (Folklore), Bring In Ancient Times, Manuaba Village Was Struck by Gering Agung (A Very Severe Epidemic). Thanks to his supernatural powers, residents can heal, even without the slightest medicine. Therefore he was nicknamed Ida Betara Sakti Manuaba.

The Piodalan Ceremony is Celebrated Every Rahina Anggara Kasih Medangsia, Once Every 210 Days. The events that are always awaited by the residents of the Manuaba traditional village in a series of piodalan at Griya Sakti Temple are mepeed and ngaturang titha ening (holy water offerings) by residents. The Piodalan Ceremony Lasts For Three Days To Provide An Opportunity For All Community Members To Deliver Devotional Worship.

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