Painting class is a painting learning activity that is popular all over the world, which allows participants to learn how to cook various types of dishes with the guidance of an instructor who is an expert in the field. For the tourist village of Kenderan, cooking class can be an interesting activity for tourists who want to learn more about the regional specialties.

In a cooking class at the tourist village of Kenderan, participants will learn how to cook Central Javanese dishes using ingredients available in the area. Expert instructors will provide detailed explanations on how to cook and prepare the ingredients, as well as provide tips and tricks to produce delicious and delicious dishes.

This cooking class activity can be held in an open kitchen available in the tourist village of Kenderan, with a natural and fresh atmosphere around it. Apart from that, the participants can also visit the local market to buy the ingredients needed to cook the dish.

After learning to cook, cooking class participants can enjoy their own creations by dining together at the location provided. This activity can also be an opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants and get more insight into local culture and cuisine.

With this cooking class activity, the Kenderan tourist village can offer a unique and interesting experience for tourists who want to taste the regional specialties, as well as increase economic activity in the village by involving the local community in tourism activities.

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