Outbound is an activity that involves a variety of physical and psychological activities with the aim of increasing togetherness, cooperation and trust among participants. In the tourist village of Kenderan, tourists can take part in outbound activities specially designed to offer a fun and exciting experience while exploring the countryside.

Outbound activities in the Kenderan tourist village can include various types of activities, such as flying fox, trekking, rock climbing, team games, and so on. The participants will be guided by expert and experienced instructors to carry out each activity safely and comfortably.

Apart from physical activity, outbound activities can also include psychological activities such as group discussions, ice-breaking, or trust-building. The participants will be given tasks that must be completed as a team, thereby increasing cooperation and togetherness among them.

During the outbound activities, the participants will be given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around Kenderan village. They can also interact with the local community and gain insight into life in the village.

With this outbound activity, tourists can enjoy a fun and immersive experience, while increasing togetherness, cooperation and trust between them. This activity can also help raise awareness about the importance of protecting nature and the environment, as well as supporting the local economy by promoting tourism in the Kenderan tourist village.

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