There are two waterfalls, namely the northernmost waterfall 1 and the southernmost waterfall 2. The uniqueness of the manuaba waterfall (manuaba waterfall) is a mixture of the seven holy springs called tirtha, namely: tirta sangku, tirta sudamala, tirta gulung dawa, tirta the moon, tirta dadapan, tirta gringsing and tirta lindung wesi, flow through the manuaba waterfall so that it emits an aura of holiness and a healing effect for those who believe in it. In addition, the vast expanse of rice fields before the entrance, stretching with a view of Mount Agung makes the trip to the manuaba waterfall enjoyable.

Manuaba waterfall 1

The location is to the south of waterfall 2. Going down the red brick stairs 5 minutes walk from the entrance to waterfall 1 is suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in the holy water and selfie yoga on a rock with a waterfall in the background.

Manuaba waterfall 2

The location north of waterfall 1 is a 10-minute walk from the entrance to waterfall 1. Walk through the rice fields with a view of Mount Agung and cross the river bank. Suitable for those who want to bathe with a wider river around the waterfall.

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