Making offerings or making offerings is one of the important traditions in Indonesian culture, especially in Bali and Central Java. In the tourist village of Kenderan, tourists can take part in making offerings to better understand local culture and traditions.

The making offerings activity begins with gathering the materials needed, such as banana leaves, flowers, rice and fruits. Then, expert instructors will provide guidance on how to make the offerings properly, from how to tie banana leaves, arrange flowers and fruits, to how to sprinkle rice as a symbol of gratitude.

During the making offerings activities, tourists will learn about the meaning and symbolism of each element used in the offerings, as well as the cultural values ​​contained in this tradition. In addition, this activity can also be an opportunity to interact with the local community and gain deeper insight into culture and daily life in Kenderan village.

After making the offerings, the participants can bring their own work to be presented at the holy place available in the Kenderan tourist village. With this making offerings activity, tourists can better understand and appreciate local culture, as well as help maintain and preserve traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation in Kenderan village.

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