Agro tour is a tourism activity that offers the experience of interacting directly with nature and agriculture. In the tourist village of Kenderan, tourists can take part in an agro tour to better understand the agricultural production process and gain insight into the lives of farming communities in the area.

Agro tour activities in the Kenderan tourist village can be started by visiting agricultural land around the village. The tourists will be invited to take a walk and see the various types of plants grown there, such as rice, vegetables and fruits. Expert instructors will provide an explanation on how to plant and care for these plants, as well as the correct harvesting techniques.

In addition to visiting agricultural land, agro tour activities can also include visits to cattle and buffalo farms, or to places for processing agricultural products such as sugar factories or palm oil factories. The tourists will be given an explanation about the production process in that place and how to maintain the quality of agricultural products.

During the agro tour activities, tourists can interact directly with the local community and gain deeper insight into daily life in Kenderan village. They can also try their hand at harvesting crops themselves or participating in other farming activities.

With this agro tour activity, tourists can enjoy a unique and authentic experience in getting to know the life of the farming community in the tourist village of Kenderan. This activity can also help raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and agricultural sustainability, as well as supporting the local economy by promoting local agricultural products.

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